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Automatic LCD Repair Machine for Iphone 4S 5S 5C Samsung HTC Sony Screen Repair Machine

LCD Separator Machine Review

Automatic LCD Repair Machine for Iphone 4S 5S 5C Samsung HTC Sony Screen Repair Machine

With so many lcd separator machine out there, how will you know which one is best for your repair business? Well first off I would look at some lcd separator machine reviews to determine what exactly you are looking for. Each of has its own pros and cons. As this technology keeps getting better, we constantly see improved lcd separator machines. The older versions have a hot plate with clamps, others hold down the screen using a vacuum system. When it comes down to glass only repairs on phones like the iphone, Samsung, or every other popular phone out there right now, these machines can separate the cracked glass from the working lcd display. With an investment on these machines, your repair business will be able to repair cell phones in a much more efficient speed. So let us take a look at one of the new machines out in the market today.

What is an lcd separator machine?

In the early days of screen refurbishment, most repair companies swapped out the entire screen assembly instead of the glass because the glass was impossible to separate from the working lcd display. A heat gun could not warm the liquid optically clear adhesive, or LOCA, enough to allow the debonding of the glass. Profit was being constantly lost due to not being able to salvage the lcd. With the development of the lcd separator machines, repairs could be done in a much faster speed, as well as drive profit margin through the roof. The thing is that for older versions of phones the screen assemblies are pretty cheap. However on the new models either the parts are not available yet or just too expensive. This is where the lcd separating machine comes in.

How does the Automatic LCD Repair Machine work?

This machine is one of the simplest, yet efficient machines we have reviewed.  You start off by turning the machine on and setting the temperature to what you need. After the hot plate has warmed up, you can place the screen onto the plate. On the side is a screw that you tighten so the screen does not move. You then will have to wrap the golden wire around the spool of the machine.  With one end of the wire onto the spool, you turn on the spool so it spins the wire onto the spool. Lastly, you connect it to the other end of the spool. It is a one time thing you do in order to set up the cutting wire. Once it has been set up you can perform numerous repairs with it. The way it works is that the spool sways the wire back and forth while you push the screen through the while, separating the lcd from the glass.

If you are serious about increasing your profits and decreasing repair times, this is the right machine for you. Personally I believe this is the best lcd separator machine out there right now. You do not have to deal with clamps and more, which is a great thing because if a screen is badly damaged, you cannot clamp onto it as the glass will break apart on you. This investment will pay for itself as cell phones are never going to stop getting cracked. Check out the machine here.